Sunday Practice

Ganda Bherundasana: Having achieved this yesterday, I got into the old (bad) habit of rushing into the pose without a long warm-up (tsk tsk). I tried doing the chin-stand with the yoga blocks at the lowest level; it was super awkward and somehow, I managed to force my legs up, but it’s not pretty. I don’t have the shoulder strength and the flexibility in the spine for it yet; I had better go back to having the yoga blocks at medium height for now.

Side Crow: Part of good yoga practice means that you practice asymmetrical poses on both sides of your body. I’ve been meaning to achieve side crow on my right hip. Tonight I finally felt confident and consistent to say that I have. I do notice that if my chest is not far enough forward, I will twist my left wrist badly. When I lead with my chest forward, I achieve balance. Will continue to practice this and hold for longer periods of time.

Vinyasas: The yogis and yoginis of Instagram are pretty darn amazing. What I’ve seen in all the yoga classes the past 10 years of my life were nothing compared to what I’ve witnessed in the past 6 months. The possibilities of transitions that I’ve seen on Instagram just blow me away; it really demonstrates the beauty of our bodies; how it is able to rotate, flip, move, bend and flex.

I was inspired by this yogini to try a transition from revolved chair pose, or parivtta utkatasana, into side crow, or parsva bakasana. It wasn’t that bad! Here is my best attempt; I would love to take on fallen angel pose as well, but I kept flopping over.

Linking poses is really what I should be doing, rather than just asana practice. It really is fun and the possibilities and variations of transitions are incredible!


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