One More Day of Work!

Hopping on the plane tomorrow afternoon my 2-week winter vacation!

Here are a few fitness updates:

CodyApp: Part of why CodyApp works is the community of people that support each other. Think Instagram, but for fitness addicts only. Fellow fitness freaks can “like” your workout or give you feedback. Recently, I noticed that people I was following were gushing about the 30-Day Beach Yoga Slimdown ($30). Looking for something a bit more challenging, I caved and bought it. After two days on this plan, I can tell you I’m in love with it!

The core workouts I’ve been doing the couple of two weeks has definitely changed my practice; I feel that some poses, which were previously difficult ones, like baby bakasana, are starting to come together. Having said that, I should mention …

Astavakrasana: Today is the first day I felt like I finally own astavakrasana! Previously, I was dipping my chest too far foreward, prone to bonking my nose on the ground; either that, or taking a “shortcut” by using a forearm variation due to insufficient arm strength. Having strong core and an increasingly solid shoulder girdle from all the surya namaskar As and Bs have allowed me to finally move in and out of this pose with control. Feels so good!

Hell-Bent: I finished this book in 5 days (with the help of the audiobook)! It is written by Benjamin Lorr, a writer who dove deep into the world of yoga, and the “Cult of Bikram” himself to research for his book. If you do any yoga practice at all, this will fill you in on the last thirty years of yoga and how it came to be the way it is today, in the Western world.

I can say a book is amazing when you find yourself suddenly defensive to something you’ve read, only to pause, stop and reassess the concept; suddenly you realize that there is truth in it and you’ve taken a paradigm shift.*

This is probably one of the two best non-fiction books I’ve read this year, after Chris Hadfield’s biography.

HellBentCover_Small*I.e. the placebo effect may be a small contributing factor to its efficacy


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