Year In a Glance

I started making a list of notable life events back in 2011. It really helps to look back at how much you accomplish at the the year end, because it’s easy to forget!

Posting it a little early, as I fly to Mumbai today. I know I’ll have to add a few things on when I come back, but just getting it out of the way for now!


  • Bought cross-country skis
  • Went backcountry skiing for the first time
  • Started learning Turkish (and loved it!)


  • Help set up my first local science fair
  • Attended and judged at the regional science fair in Chisasibi
  • Received my Quebec teaching license
  • Followed an education MOOC on Coursera


  • Did a workshop, “Non-linguistic Representation”, with McREL
  • Got my taxes back and first time over $3000
  • Ran a birding workshop with a local biologist and Nature Canada


  • Traveled to Turkey
  • Rode a hot air balloon for the first time
  • Bought a GoPro camera
  • Got a smartphone (and caught up with the rest of the world)


  • Attended the OAME conference online (and was blown away!)
  • Attended a workshop, “Data-Driven Decision Making Process” with McREL
  • Hung out in a tee-pee/meeshwap at Annie Whiskeychan Day


  • Did a 3-day road trip with Mom through Quebec and Ontario
  • Made and edited my first fast motion video on my GoPro
  • Visited Canada’s largest open-pit gold mine


  • Tried stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)
  • Went tandem kayaking on the Humber River
  • Went on a social kayak event across Lake Ontario in Toronto
  • Took an OTF workshop on BYOD
  • Started a Questrade account


  • Flew in a helicopter for the first time
  • Visited a trampoline park
  • Took a tour of the Val D’Or gold mine
  • Learned how to do a headstand


  • Did a 1-hour presentation, Engaging Students Through Technology, with my school board, in Val D’Or
  • Received my retention pay
  • Started learning Hindi


  • Started learning arm balances
  • Started taking classes through CodyApp


  • Finished unit 20 of Pimsleur Digital Mandarin
  • Dyed my hair for the first time in my life!


  • Participated in my first Instagram yoga challenge
  • Played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time
  • Traveled to India
  • Went zip-lining over a moat
  • Flew business class in a fully-reclinable seat (free upgrade)
  • Visited London after 16 years

2 thoughts on “Year In a Glance

  1. I didn’t realize it but you did a lot of fun traveling this year. Turkey and India! Plus a lot of little trips all around Quebec. Will you being sharing your pics from India? I’d love to see them. 🙂

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