Monthly Goals: Dark December


  • Handstands (3/5): Be able to hold up to 30 seconds. Currently, the longest I’ve held is 21 seconds so far.
  • Learn sun salutations A and B with Sanskrit count (1/5): I am trying to incorporate this as part of my workouts. I started in November and forgot about it. I can only count up to three. I’m not going to intentionally continue this goal.
  • Bakasana (4/5): Finally hit the 5-second mark! I also tried doing toe taps, but they are difficult. Instead, I’ve been lifting yoga blocks with my toes and I’ve gotten to a count of 5. Funny to think just last month I was feeling rather anxious about this pose.
  • Do regular warm-ups (3/5): Use foam roller and exercises suggested by Hybrid Perspective. I’ve not been doing this regularly, but since I’m following Cody App classes, warm-ups are always included. A few times I slacked off though and just jumped into asana practice.

Professional Development

  • Languages (0/5): Unfortunately I’ve dropped the ball on this one. I’m just not feeling passionate about Hindi, even though I’m traveling to India. I finished unit 4 but didn’t go farther.
  • Set up BEP (2/5): Get a behavioural plan set up for two students. Did it for one student so far.
  • Cover math curriculum (0/5): Was suppose to go over chapter 5 over the holidays. Really didn’t bother with this. Surprise.

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