Holiday Stats – Part 2

Number of flights complete: 9 of 12
Approximate number of kilometres traveled by plane: No friggin clue 
Movies seen:
 3 (Bawled my eyes out to The Fault In Our Stars)
Hours that public water taps operate in Mumbai: 3 hours (and everyone stores their daily needs in buckets)
Cost of a full thali meal in Jodphur: 200 rupees or $3.67
Cost of a cashmere hand-woven scarf: Approximately $20 CAD
Number of times I threw up Indian food: 0
Number of times I threw up all other types of food: 1
Average sleep attained: Approximately 5-7 hours a night
Cost of a double-occupancy room at the 5-star Oberoi Hotel: Approximately $280 CAD
Layover in Heathrow: 11 hours (used 5 hours to hang out in London and got my Muji fix!)
Hours before flying to Montreal: 44


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