Annual Goals 2014

Since I’ve been running around, getting a fever on my last day in India, and trying to cram in as much time with friends and family, I haven’t been in the mood to blog. But now I feel like I’ve managed to find a few minutes while waiting for my flight to Montreal:


  • Actively use strategies to decrease and deal with stress (5/5): I’ve learned to just take long baths after work. I also sometimes use strategies from The Charisma Myth, use aromatherapy, meditate or just go to my yoga mat.
  • Floss (2/5): I still suck at this. Majorly.
  • Donate blood (0/5): Wanted to do this but totally forgot about it during the summer.
  • Consistent workouts (5/5): Getting into cross-country skiing on a regular basis and have the goal of being able to sprint without getting out of breath too easily. Doing yoga a LOT now with CodyApp (paid workouts)! Need more cardio though.

  • Make a few trades on with TD Webbroker (2/5): I finally transferred this year’s TSFAs to QuestTrade and have purchased a few stocks. Not doing any day-trading, just testing the waters for now. Didn’t know oil was gonna fall. Kinda wish I bought some Timmie’s!
Professional Development

  • Make 2 Pins on Pinterest a month (1/5): I should be actively using strategies that would inspire other teachers. I ended up just sharing on Facebook instead, or directly with colleagues. I should go back to this as the idea would be a space that I could use no and refer to no matter where I worked. Facebook doesn’t work so much as a portfolio, but more as a means of connecting with local teachers with my current board.
  • Learning languages (3/5): Last year, I completed 24 language units, including 15 units of Mandarin. This year, my goal was to complete another 30 units, with a focus mainly on continuing Mandarin and Turkish. Only got to 18 of 30, including 4 units of Hindi, which I slacked off on and kinda gave up.
  • Read 15 books (5/5): Oh yeah!
  • Clean out Chemical Preparation Room (3/5): Threw out a lot of junk in the science lab, replaced the cardboard boxes with plastic bins, some cleaning supplies for the main lab, an emergency sign on the chemistry cabinet (no info filled out)
Home / Relationships
  • Write a will (0/5): Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve been slacking on this. SUMMER 2015. REALLY.

4 thoughts on “Annual Goals 2014

  1. I’m curious to know, if you don’t mind… Why do you want to write a will? I mean… You’re still young. You don’t own a house or a car yet. Should you have any financial assets, when you created an account with them, you are usually asked who you want to be your beneficiary. Any asset you have will be passed to your next of kin (parents and then siblings.)

    • I suppose part of it is acknowledging financial responsibility. I want to know what the process of will-writing involves. Secondly, while I have no issues with my possessions or wealth going to next of kin, there are a few other places I’d like to donate to. Thirdly, if I decide to donate my body, it would make the process a lot easier if the details are laid out.

      I don’t necessarily think that youth precludes us from neglecting these questions. A will is not meant for me. It is meant for my loved ones.

    • Also, when our dad passed, I saw how long it took for my mom to deal with closing accounts, etc. I could only imagine what a mess it could have been.

      • It’s just a will costs money unless you plan to hand write a will but sometimes those are disputable in court and assets will still be seized. Though if you are thinking of writing a will, I recommend you also consider a living will which I believe is much more important. Will only gives direction on assets but a living will gives direction what to do if you are incapacitated.

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