Thoughts on Current State of Health

I didn’t practice much during my two weeks of vacation. I managed to do one CodyApp class with my sister in India. I did some hand practice in Jodphur and a wee bit in Toronto. A few notes:

Handstands: I was hitting a wall in December, so it felt awesome when I started feeling my balance point the day I was leaving for India, just a few days before Christmas. This was a major breaking point; what I figured out was I need to actually bring my shoulder blades back so that my shoulders are properly engaged to support my bodyweight. That made all the difference and I’ve been getting about 3 seconds of air time. I’m hitting my balance point nearly every single time now, though not for very long.

Cody: There is a community people that support me, similar to Instagram. I do not personally know these people, but it’s awesome to have so much emotional support (I just wish my sister would start using it too!) Since I’m holding off from any workouts during my recovery, I only did a few meditations by Kerri Verna. And by logging my (mental) workouts and reflections, people give me their thoughts and this motivates me to continue my training.

Sugar: Whoaaa. You have no idea how much sugar I’ve been consuming in the last 4 days. And a lot of it is shitty, white sugar. Mostly pop or sugary drinks (and last night, not very tasty bubble tea at For the Win board game cafe). The reason being is that I haven’t been able to consume more than a fistful of food at any meal and that I’m craving sugar to make up for calories. This will stop when I go back up north. I don’t buy pop (although J. does).

I am looking forward to going back to some regular practice. Currently sitting at the airport and wishing there were some posts at the boarding gate that I could hide behind and practice my handstands.


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