Two-Legged Hop in Handstand

I’ve struggled with this and I hadn’t put any work into my two-legged hop for the past couple of months. I finally decided to revisit it this morning – with Patrick Beach on Cody App – and was feeling pretty good.

After work today, I read some more of Light on Life, by B.K.S. Iyengar, and found this wonderful passage.

When the gardener plants an apple seed, does he expect the apples to appear at once? Of course not. The gardener waters the seed, watches each day, and feels happy seeing the growth. Treat the body in the same way. We water our asana and pranayama practice with love and joy seeing the small progress.

After a long bath, I decided to do some more two-legged hops. I focused my mind on bringing my hips all the way up and was pretty ecstatic to find my balancing point for the first time (without the wall!). Here it is.

Enjoy and have a good night.


One thought on “Two-Legged Hop in Handstand

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