Cleaning Up the Mess

I’ve been struggling to stay organized the past two months.

In November, I remember tackling my marking right away and being together, but as December came, my motivation waned and I started getting pretty sloppy.

Not much has changed since coming back in January. There are mornings I wake up and I have no idea what my first class is. I rush to school and scramble to make photocopies last minute. I still have marking from last month that I haven’t touched. It’s not good.

This isn’t something I feel particularly proud to share, but admitting that things have been falling apart means that I have to recognize my faults and make a change before things get worse. I also know that I am not the only teacher in the world to have ever felt this way – any teacher reading this can probably relate – and that this issue may potentially be a reoccurring one if I continue working as a teacher.* Of course, I have considered switching jobs, but pretty much, I think I’m stuck in this industry for now.

My first course of action was that I signed up for a MOOC on Coursera yesterday, called Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher. At the moment, I am a bit frustrated with the fact that the bandwidth in Waskaganish still sucks balls; sometimes I can’t even watch a 5-minute video without it taking 20 minutes for it to fully buffer! Therefore, my current plan of action might be that I have to figure out a schedule time on a daily basis when I can actually stream videos**.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.17.20 PM

That’s the first step I’ve taken from now. I will definitely be writing more about this in the upcoming few weeks.

Other than that, the next step right now is to get to work every day by 8:15 am (as I would if I worked in a school down south) and not fifteen minutes before the bell. I won’t wait until next week to do this. Tomorrow I’ll start. No better time than the present!

*It’s interesting to note that in all my other jobs, I have never felt as overwhelmed or disorganized. In office jobs, I’m often on top of things and feel that I have strong established routines. Of course, those previous jobs weren’t emotionally exhausting as teaching, nor did I have to do four to six performances a day in front of an audience!

**On Sunday nights, most people are relaxing or winding down. It’s near impossible to watch Netflix without buffering or make a phone call without it cutting out. It really reminds you that the town’s bandwidth is a finite property.


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Mess

  1. Oh I feel ya!
    I had planned to do so much over the Christmas break. I wanted to have January completely planned, and have a good start on my report cards. I did neither. The weekend before school started I was planning my Monday!
    I have all these big ideas that I would like to do with my kids but it’s tough. There are not enough hours in a day and I feel overwhelmed some days. I broke down several times last October, I’m into a new groove now with my kids and am beginning to love my job again.
    I’m interested to hear what you learn in that class. Keep us updated.

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