Spiderman Pose

Gastro issues: I’ve been super gassy and this has been a major issue the past two years, when I started getting sensitive to anything with sulphurous compounds (i.e. onion, garlic, etc). Next week, I’m going to start eating oatmeal in the mornings to see if this helps me. Will be experimenting with a few changes in diet in the next few months.

Yoga Gear: Bought myself a pair of Yoga Paws ($40 USD + shipping). Not an impulse buy; I’d been considering this for about three months now and was planning to pick up a pair in Toronto, but with the short time I had in the city, I didn’t end up driving downtown for them.

Workouts: I’m mostly logging my mini-workouts on Cody App, rather than clogging up my blog with minor details on a daily basis. I haven’t been doing much of my Cody classes; I’ve been meaning to get back into Kerri Verna’s 30 Day Beach Yoga Slimdown plan, but having major issues loading the videos due to bandwidth problems. A few times I tried to load the videos the night before and when I woke up, there was an error and it didn’t load! GRRR!!!! Will keep trying.

Handstands: It’s been a good month, doing a lot of different exercises that are meant to help develop my handstands:

  1. Tuck-in handstand (video), otherwise known as the “frogger” by Gold Medal Bodies – Working on getting the hips up into the air
  2. Tick-tocks (video) against the wall – Opening the back and warming up towards falling into wheel pose
  3. Shoulder taps (video) – Practicing balancing on one hand
  4. L-stand (video) – Engaging the core and strengthening the shoulders
  5. Spiderman pose (see below) – Testing shoulder strength and balance

New poses: I did my first Spiderman pose today! It has fascinated me for a long time and I meant to try it out three months ago, but am glad I put it off – I have much better shoulder strength now to hoist myself upside down on one arm. The first two tries were tricky but on the third, I felt pretty stable and could adjust my legs and hands. Check it out in this video below:


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