Two Days Off from Teaching

RSPs: Payday today! As I spent a lot of money on 1) yoga gear and 2) my trip to India, I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to top up my RSPs. Thankfully, we were paid today and I was able to use up all my contribution room. Having said that …

TSFAs: Nothing for 2015 so far.

Professional Development: Today and tomorrow are both professional development (PD) days. The kids are off so it`s time for us to either catch up on work or get some training! We had the chance to do a beginner`s Smartboard training course; of course I leapt on it!

I used to pay for stuff out of my own pocket, but now that I`m with a board, I`ll make sure I take these opportunities when they come along. The training doesn`t just come up for free on her own spare time … It was quite a long day, but I learned a lot! It was also nice to be around the other teachers when they were feeling excited, pumped and interested in technology.

Need to remember to add these things to my resume.


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