Finding My Groove

I feel much better and less stressed out when I have my plans all laid out.

Of course, there are always interruptions in life, because life happens regardless of your plans. One of the staff members who had been working at the school for a long time passed away after a long struggle with cancer.
In a small, tight-knit community, things happen differently then they would “down south”; a decision was made to cancel classes today.

We went in earlier this morning to set up for a funeral feast – setting up tables and chairs, laying out cutlery and water. Tonight, we will be dropping off some food for the feast.

For now, just trying to get some marking done and maybe do a light ski in the afternoon. I suppose I will have to push back my lessons, which is slightly frustrating. But that’s just how things always are when you teach up north. Time moves differently up here and you have to learn to go with the flow.



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