Ganda Bherundasana (Without the Dharma Wheel)

This morning, did some surya namaskara As and Bs, while listening to my David Robson MP3 and also one of Kerri Verna’s 30 Day Beach Yoga classes.  We had the afternoon off and I tried one of Dylan Werner’s free classes, but had to give up when my turtle walked over the keyboard and closed my browser by accident.

And since I felt super confident from my session with my new Dharma Wheel last night, I decided to give the chinstand a go, without any yoga props. Was I pleasantly surprised! In the past, any attempts I have made looked like a flopping fish and while my attempts were incrementally better, I found that I was able to keep my chest lifted off the ground and engage my back to hold ganda bherundasana for one or two seconds (okay, maybe more like one second …)

I edited the image from yesterday, as well as my pose today, to show the differences. Here are a few notes:

  1. Gave more attention to holding the pose with even and steady pressure through the palms
  2. Checked that my elbows were lined up straight over my wrists to keep my centre of gravity forward
  3. Chest remained lifted off the mat
  4. Cut my lip on the yoga mat and left blood … again.



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