End of Week Work Update

It seems that a lot of people are on sick leave or stressed at school. This morning, I found out that our principal will be taking a two-week medical leave.

Personally, I feel alright and reflect on the fact that I myself had a burn-out back in 2010. I now actively try to make an effort to relax in the evenings or have certain habits that help me deal with stress (i.e. self-care kit at work, have a water bottle at the desk). I can’t say I am anywhere as stressed as I was in my first year of full-time teaching!

Of course, I am still trying to get back on track of my work. As I have previously written, I was rather disorganized the past two months. Having plans written out on the clipboard, being able to refer to it quickly, has helped immensely. Currently I am in the middle of unit 3 of my Coursera MOOC.

I should celebrate my successes this week – both personal and work. Things flowed a lot more smoothly. Most of these successes were initially written down as mini-goals on my clipboard; therefore, knowing where you’re going means that you’re more likely to be successful:

  • 3 x morning work-outs: Woke up very late on most occasions but squeezed in three mornings, even if they were short (i.e 20-minute) warm-ups
  • Anchor charts: I finally finished another beautiful science anchor chart, as well as started math cheat sheet chart. I need to get them laminated so that I stop losing them each year!
  • image

  • Monitor latenesses and skips: Not a fun part of my job, but this also includes writing down kids for detentions and contacting parents. This week, I did make a few calls and send out a few emails and texts. More detentions next week … there is a sticky note on my clipboard with a few names already.
  • Tutoring more hours:* The overall attendance has been abysmal, to say the least, but more of my Sec 5s are staying for math tutoring. I spent at least four hours tutoring and will be meeting up with a student on Sunday as well. I enjoy this part of my job because it feels rewarding and it means that students are a) intrinsically motivated and b) trust me to meet up with me. It is one of the rare opportunities I can unwind a little and connect with the kids. Regularly, I may give the impression of as a slave-driver; getting classes starting right away and not wanting to waste time.

*Not written down as a weekly goal


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