Another New Toy: Yoga Paws

Woohoo! My YogaPaws arrived in the mail (embarrassingly) at the school. I usually put my home address as the mailing address, but I wrote the name of my school board as well, so they must have thrown it in with all the other school stuff.

I played around with them last night and they are pretty darn amazing. I could not believe how strong the grip was! Here’s a video of me doing eka pada koundinyasa II, transitioning into chaturanga dandasana and upward dog.

Those are all the yoga toys for now. I’ve got my Dharma Yoga Wheel and my Paws, which will keep me quite busy. My handstand progress is still slow, but I am starting to work on my L-stand, as well as a sort-of puppy press handstand. Lots of inversions to work on! I’ll close my post with my first-ever attempt at parivrtta surya yantrasana, or compass pose.



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