Podcast: Hacking Habit Formation

This morning, I listened to one of the free Gold Medal Fitness podcasts. The one that drew my attention was an interview with Tim Stubblebine, the CEO of Coach.me, formally known as the app Lift.do. How can you “hack” your habits?

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 1.26.12 PM

A few notable points from the 36-minute long podcast:

  • It is hard to stop a habit. It’s easier to start one. Neuroscientists debate whether you ever really stop a habit. Tim says that what you can do to overcome this is to slowly build replacement habits that will slowly allow you to let go of your bad habits.
  • Willpower is a finite resource. Struggling with flossing your teeth before bed? You’ve already spent a lot of your day making decisions, which depletes your willpower. Try flossing first thing in the morning.
  • People who have a good fitness routine often just do the same thing. Steve Jobs often wore the same thing over and over again. It wasn’t a drain on his willpower. Going to the gym? Just stick with the same routine to get started. This is probably why I just go to CodyApp. Sometime is telling me what to do and I don’t have to make up a routine.
  • Reduce the number of barriers to your habit. Tim says that their new office has a gym right across the street. No need to think about how to get to the gym or how long it takes to get to the gym, just walk across the street. Need to floss, set it out on the counter. For myself, I preload CodyApp classes a day beforehand so I can’t whine about the crappy bandwidth up north.

Having listened to it, I’ve set a new fitness goal. I will follow Kerri Verna’s 30 Day Beach Yoga Slimdown for the entire month of February* and do one class everyday. Since I didn’t start at the beginning of month, I’m playing catch-up right now. I did two classes this morning and will have to start Day 7 soon, since it is already February 8th. I’ve been slacking, so at least if I just following the day of the month, it’s easier to know when I’ve skipped a class. With this goal, it is 1) simple to follow, 2) sticking to the same thing and 3) just trying to get more consistency on a habit that I’ve already started.**

How do you develop good habits? How do you get rid of replace bad ones?

*What will happen at the end of February? I suppose I will have to squeeze in Day 29 and Day 30 sometime!

**It takes more willpower to start a new habit than to continue one.


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