Taking It To The Next Level

I’ve learned a lot since August. I’ve learned a lot about my own body, about strategies and techniques for different poses and can now count to 20 in Sanskrit. I’ve read up on the history of yoga, as well as the physiology around yoga, separating the myths (i.e. yogic breathing does not increase your oxygen intake) and the claims that are scientifically backed up. I’ve gotten tons of tips from watching YouTube and following classes on CodyApp, as well as support from discussion forums, Instagram users and yoga teachers.

All in all, I’ve climbed a big learning curve in six months.

The fact that I am living in a isolated community 1300 km away from Toronto actually forced me into regular home practice. It’s funny; I was never one to do any home practice. This would have never happened if I was in Toronto. I thought that going to the yoga class was practice. How wrong was I. Now think of it this way: I’ve spent a lot of time – about 10 years to be exact – playing sonatas and arpeggios at my parents’ house. When I went to piano class, that was not practice. That was a chance to get a second opinion and to have your skills refined and your mistakes corrected.

So while the last 6 months have been an amazing change for me, it still feels as if I am at the beginning of a long journey.

There is so much more to learn, but I am hitting walls here and there.

With the love handles and my pudgy midsection, I am reminded that I don’t do enough cardio to raise my heart rate for extended periods of time. With my side planks and fallen angel pose, I know that I need to work my core consistently, including my obliques. With my pull through practice, I am just scratching the surface, since I still can’t hold boat pose, or navasana, very well. With my handstand practice, I wish I had a spotter to check my hips or help hold me up as I practice realigning my back.

But one of the biggest walls I feel I am hitting is strength. While bodyweight exercises at home are great and all, I need to go to the gym and start lifting. I watched Krissy Cagney’s free “Beginner Strength” video on CodyApp and took lots of notes (i.e. where to grip the bar, how to squat, etc), but I am afraid of hurting myself on the squat rack. I don’t dare deadlift by myself!

So I could see that things were going to change when I found someone today who said he’d help me learn to lift! This means I need to be going out. I need to be going to the gym regularly. This means I need to change my habits, which is on topic, having just mentioned how to hack your habits earlier this afternoon.

I am taking it to the next level.



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