A Sobering Reminder

About a month ago, I came across GymnasticBodies.com on Instagram. Only today did I start trying some of the challenges and posting them to the Facebook group that participants are sharing their results.

The biggest lesson today is that I am still a beginner. There is a LOT to learn. While throwing your feet up on the wall might be the first step to overcoming a fear of being inverted, there are hundreds of other exercises for handstand training that I have not yet even tried yet. I can’t do any of the advanced versions of the exercises. This is a sobering lesson that I needed to remind me why I should be taking things to the next level and building my strength with disciplined workouts.

While I won’t post all the exercises I’ve tried so far, here’s one as an example: upright L-sits. I cannot do the advanced version with outstretched legs off the ground, so this is the beginner version, off a platform with a bent-knee variation. Three sets 30-seconds each definitely caused me to huff and puff a little! It might be months or even a year before I can get the straight leg variation, but if that’s how long it will take, that’s what I should be working towards.

Also, here’s the full playlist of exercises on YouTube for your interest.


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