Taking Things Off Your Plate

Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with what you have going on in your life. Lately, I feel that I’ve put too much on my plate and have less and less time to relax. I finally decided, over the last two days, that I am going to say ‘no’ to a few things.

  • MOOCs: I stopped following a MOOC that I started a few weeks ago, since admitting I was feeling disorganized at work. I would love to finish this MOOC, Getting Organized: How to be a Together Teacher, but since I feel like I’m back in my groove, I don’t have time and don’t think it will benefit me any further. I also really wanted to take one that just started last week, on current technological trends in education, but just don’t have the energy to start it. I suppose I do well enough to look for apps on my own.
  • Teaching fitness classes: I was asked to teach a fitness class each Monday night. I’ve taught approximately 3 classes now and the attendance is still absolutely atrocious. Only the weight-loss program coordinator and one of my coworkers – who isn’t even part of the weight-loss program – are regulars; so far, I haven’t had any other students join regularly. While I’ve learned a few things about myself and do not regret this opportunity, it is not one that I can continue profiting off of. I will teach two more weeks; I’ve already given my notice. And to make the best of this situation, I’ll start a better habit to workout at exactly the same time, thus substituting one habit for an even better one.
  • App development: I had contacted the co-founder of Sesame, an educational app that I’d discovered recently. You can use it to assess students by taking photos or videos of their work, then grade it using a rubric that can be tied to curriculum standards. Since there are only Alberta and Ontario standards listed right now, I inquired about the possibility of adding Quebec curriculum standards. The co-founder happily looped me in with one of his developers; they gave me instructions to populate a CSV file on the backend! I was super excited about doing this, but as I am digesting this now, am realizing I cannot spend the time right now as it is actually a big project (plus while I love crowdsourcing, it’d be nice if I financially profited from it). Perhaps I can start in June, and put a bit more energy during the summer; it would even help me with planning for the next year.

As I reread this list, I feel like all three of these opportunities are ones I wish I didn’t have to say no to, but there are only so many hours in the day and I am really not interested in sacrificing my sleep … so when I actively said ‘no’, I feel a lot better.

Tomorrow, hitting the squat rack again! And every Sunday after!


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