Progress Pictures: August 2014 to Now

I haven’t been blogging much, but I do a lot of microblogging on Instagram and Cody these days. I thought I’d share this progress picture: the one below was taken four weeks ago and the one on top was taken earlier this week. Given my limited thoracic mobility, it was shocking when I saw the two images side by side. I also wrote up a summary of the progress I’ve made since August.

Feel free to post any comments and questions you have!

August: Decided to learn handstands and practice yoga. A friend and I started a secret yoga blog to keep each other accountable. Used a FitBit to help regulate my sleep patterns (summer throws me off).

September: Started fitness classes at the local gym to lose weight. Sleep patterns stabilized; stopped using the FitBit. Began using the FitBit Aria scale to document BMI.

October: Injured my mid-back while on TRX, trying to hold a plank with my feet in the handles. Stopped going to fitness classes altogether. Realized the importance of increasing strength in the back; otherwise, injuries would continue. Started Mackenzie Miller’s backbending Cody classes at home. I learned from the classes that I need to warm-up, rather than just jumping into asana practice. Discontinued the blog and started posting more to Instagram.

November: Working through the Cody classes helped increase mobility and strength in the back. I was able to do poses like ustrasana, or camel pose, properly for the first time, and find better alignment in my inverted poses, like pincha mayurasana. Increased strength throughout my entire body also meant that I did my first ever unassisted pull-up on the chin-up bar! Also began to use my foam roller – which I’d purchased 5 years ago – for myofascial release.

December: Reading Hell Bent by Benjamin Lorr confirmed that I did the right thing: the best thing to do is to strengthen the weakest part of our body prone to injury (i.e. my lower back) in order to prevent future injuries (the whole principal of rehabilitation). Began thinking long and hard about buying a Dharma Yoga Wheel … should I spend $120 on a giant piece of PVC? Posted this progress picture of my weight loss.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.37.06 PM

January: Came back from India after two weeks without practice; was also sick on the way home back to Canada. Body felt very weak and it took a few weeks to get my strength back up. Tried viparita dandasana for the first time; you can see that my thoracic mobility is very limited. Finally ordered a Dharma Wheel and Yoga Paws.

February: Began going to the gym again on my own; started using the squat rack. Began working on L-sits. Began to read The Science of Yoga; interestingly enough, I learned that yoga tends to decrease your metabolic rate. Therefore, my weight loss happened out of better fitness, increase exercise and health in spite of yoga, not because of it. Beware of yoga myths.

March: The photo from the top was taken the first week of March. The photo on the bottom was taken in the beginning of February. Holy cow! I couldn’t believe it!

Those were the last 6 months, in a nutshell!

What will the next 6 months bring?


3 thoughts on “Progress Pictures: August 2014 to Now

    • Have a friend go with you to a beginner’s yoga class. Or if you want to start for free, borrow DVDs from the TPL. There are quite a lot at the libraries. You can also look up videos on YouTube.

      Best thing is to start with Sun Salutations.

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