A Day for Self-Care

Self-care: I’m being selfish today. Taking the day off for some self-care and rest. My body’s been feeling exhausted when I wake up, and I just needed some time-out. Part of what contributed to my rest today was that I have …

An injury: I have wrist pain in my left hand. It’s been upsetting. It was happening last week and I let it rest for a couple of days with absolutely no exercise. Last night, I was freaking out when I felt it again, when I just wanted to do 5-minutes of handstand practice against the wall before my shower. I suppose I have to hold off all handstand practice for a while and a lot of yoga poses too. Did some myofascial release on the wrists this afternoon, following this Cody app class with Mackenzie Miller. Currently downloading a video on wrist warm-ups for future preventative care.

Dietary changes: I’ve become a junk food vegetarian lately and need to be a bit more creative with my cooking, rather than rely on instant foods like Sidekicks or canned soup. As I’ve recently decided I want to eat more vegan foods, I’ve decided that I’d like to go back to an old breakfast routine. I don’t plan on becoming fully vegan; I would just like to have as many vegan meals as possible. Today is the third day in a row I’ve had oatmeal, sprinkled with berries, maple syrup, liquid B12 drops and a seed mix. While I do love Turkish breakfasts – olives, toast and jam, fresh fruit – I am avoiding cheese, which was a key part of the platter. Just some minor changes.


Books: I’m slogging through Game of Thrones. I’m enjoying it, but just not as much as everyone else does, or just not as consistently. I wanted something fresh, so I’m started Yes Please! by Amy Poehler. She rocks.


TV: Nooooo, Girls is done! Here’s The AV Club’s take of the season finale. I suppose I need to catch up on Downton Abbey.


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