Monthly Goals – Mad March

  • Try two new vegan recipes (5/5): Successfully tried two recipes from Oh She Glows! The easy cauliflower and mashed potatoes was a fantastic way of increasing the nutritional content of mash potatoes. The second recipe was a Thai peanut sauce to be mixed with veggies and noodles. I really like this recipe book and can’t wait to try some more!
  • Eat better breakfast (3/5): Been saying this for months but finally started eating oatmeal on occasion. For the days where I am in a rush, I splash some almond milk on top of a great Quebecois organic granola mix I order off IGA. No more Turkish breakfasts, because I want to cut back on cheese. However, I do have to stop buying Cheeries, which are terribly unhealthy and sugar-laden.


  • Lift every Sunday (1/5): I missed three weeks … Bad bad bad. I do want to get back into this regularly but minor wrist pain is putting me on maintenance mode.
  • Do myofascial release regularly (5/5): Been averaging about 2-3 times a week, following the classes on Cody App. It’s funny; J. hears me use this word so often that he started making fun of me for it.
  • Continue shopping ban (2/5): No personal shopping until April (except presents for people). I ended up buying one Cody plan by Dylan Werner plan, True Strength Fundamentals. I might let go a bit by doing a shopping Montreal next week …!
Personal Development
  • Study Mandarin (0/5): Was suppose to complete units 22 and 23. I reviewed unit 21 a little bit.
  • Read more (3/5): Started on Amy Poehler’s memoir, Yes Please! Really enjoying it.
  • Increase transparency for students (5/5): Put up student marks on Math-Help-Services grades on the website. I also set up a new WikiSpaces page for my students and for fellow teachers.
  • Increase networking opportunities (1/5): My BYOB teacher J.C. featured my Linkedin page to her blog! Will do more next month. This makes me realize that I need a website for professional relationships. At the end of the day, this is still my personal blog.

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