Long Weekend: Kale Chips

Most people who move up north find that they start cooking more because 1) there are no other alternatives when you crave something and 2) there’s a lot more time on your hands. So long weekends are a great time to let my creative juices flow.

Yesterday, I made avocado maki (watch on fast motion). Today, I tried out another recipe from Angela Liddon’s Oh She Glows! vegan cookbook. When I saw a lonely batch of kale at the supermarket yesterday, I decided that this was the day to make kale chips. It drives me nuts that kale chips are often ludicrously priced, so I was surprised to find out that it was surprisingly easy to make. The suggested temperature and baking times in Oh She Glows! also worked out well for our oven. J. devoured most of it immediately so this was definitely a compliment!

PicPlayPost_20150405_15_27_27I suppose things have been going well with my recent dietary changes. Just two weeks ago, I decided that I need to stop being a junk-food vegetarian and be more vegan. The main problem was that we were eating too much processed foods and that I wasn’t cooking from scratch enough. Since then, I’ve been making tofu scrambles (actually had another one this morning) and am excited to be flipping through cookbooks and sniffing through my spice box.

Being healthy has to be an active process. It has definitely helped to reach out to vegan friends and ask them to support me; I also message them when I feel stuck on a process or a recipe.

At this time, I don’t plan on becoming fully vegan but am just happy to eat as veganish as much as I can.


One thought on “Long Weekend: Kale Chips

  1. I tried kale chips a few years ago. It was alright… I felt a bit let down. For the amount of kale I bought, it didn’t yield very much. I think I prefer kale more as a entree/side dish than a snack, heh! I’m trying more vegetarian recipes too. I’m currently in LOVE with mujadara (Lebanese lentils and rice). I also tried congi (South American rice and beans) last month and am determined to make it too.

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