Wish List

In the last two years living up north, I’ve acquired enough stuff that J. and I live pretty comfortably. I haven’t bought any work clothes this year and most of my money has been on Cody App classes and fitness gear and equipment.

I feel that as most of my basic needs are met, when I do want to buy something, it fills a very specific need. Here is my current wish list and my justifications:

  • Push-Up Bars: I didn’t even know what these were called until today! With the wrist pain that I’ve had in my left hand, these would be a life-saver and would decrease the amount of time / force on the wrists as I continue my handstand training. It would also force me to do more push-ups!
  • Wireless headphones: It would be great for my Cody App classes so that I’m not bothering J. I currently use his headphones, but I would love to have wireless ones that don’t get in the way and are portable (i.e. could bring them to the gym). These buggers are usually pretty expensive though.
  • Kneeling chair: I’ve wanted one for a long time, but this would be a great way to improve my posture and core. There are so many reasons for a kneeling chair.
  • Dental kit: I have inconsistent brushing habits. I have a two-minute timer but I don’t always hit it (lately I’ve been super lazy). There are dental hygienists in town, but because both J. and I are not Aboriginal, we are actually not allowed to use the services here; what is provided is only meant for people with status (i.e. First Nations).

Kneeling Chair Black


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