Organization = Less Money Wasted

Since working with the school board full time for the last two years, I’ve enjoyed the fact that I have more disposable income. This means I can purchase things for entertainment or for hobbies.

However, I’ve realized that as I accumulate equipment, if it’s not organized, I won’t use it regularly. For example, my GoPro has been sitting in the drawers because there are soooo many small pieces (thank goodness I’ve not decided to be a professional photographer). I thought I could save money by not having a camera case and just using a variety of containers. And yet, what I’ve learned is that it’s not working. On a few occasions, when I’ve packed for a trip out of town, I realized – upon arrival at my destination – I cannot actually use my GoPro because I’m missing a piece, such as a screw, a mount or a cord. My camera becomes completely useless!

Today, I finally bought a GoPro case ($35) at Henry’s. Unfortunately, it does not fit my pole or the chest strap, but the most integral part are the mounts, batteries and two housings, which are fundamental to any good shoot. So rather than have all the pieces scattered in a drawer, it will be more convenient to have everything in one place ready to go at a moment’s notice.

This is also happening with my cosmetics. I really don’t have much compared to a lot of other women, nor am I the type of person to write blog posts about my cosmetics in detail, but I forget to use my products consistently when everything is tossed around on the shelves at home.

Some of the daily essentials that I need are my eczema cream, eye cream, sunscreen, face cream and deodorant. I’m awful with sunscreen and in the winter, I often forget about deodorant. So after getting my face sunburnt in Chicago, I’ve realized I need to have some better habits with the change of season; I ended up dropping a pretty amount of pennies on Dr. Dennis Gross products and ought to put it in an organized space so that I will continue to use it (guess what, I already forgot this morning). This afternoon, I picked up this sturdy toiletries basket ($14) at Kitchen Stuff Plus; otherwise, it becomes wasted money if the products get forgotten at the back of the bathroom shelf.
 It also feels nice to be organized!

Next project: the spice cabinet!


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