Two Days Left of Vacation

On Saturday, I start my 1250 km drive back up to Waskaganish.

The past week and half has been great. While I did work out at the beginning of last week, as my vacation passes, I continue to try to max out my time with family and friends. This means that my workouts and health suffer.

Since the past week, I’ve been coming home late, sleeping late and waking late. It doesn’t feel good. I am bloated and haven’t had time on my yoga mat, although as I type this at 2 a.m. in the morning, I am literally sitting on it … blogging (pretty sure that’s not what Lululemon intended it be used for).

Not that I don’t love my family, but the introvert in me is craving quiet time, my own bed and solo yoga practice. In no way am I suggesting that I want to be more than a thousand kilometers away than where I grew up; I do wish I could go to Toronto at least once a month! And yes, vacations are also tiring. I have lots of fun seeing friends and family during a short, intensive period, but it does wreak havoc on the rhythms of a balanced work and home life.

I did get a lot of chores done though, including getting my car serviced at Honda. As well, I did some household shopping to stay better organized. Tomorrow, more chores and items to cross off my to-do list. Hopefully, by Friday, I can get everything done and have some time to do a yoga flow in the sunshine.



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