A Visit From Friends

Two ex-coworkers from the charity I used to be with came down from Eastmain for the weekend. Both of them work for the school board now, but C., who started with me in the north three years ago, has decided to leave and try her hand at teaching down south. It is very difficult to find teaching work in Ontario and I wish her the best of luck. This will probably be the last time I see her for a while.

J. and I took them out to Siibi Camp, the local restaurant for the construction workers. They ate steaks, while I just had rice and cheese-covered broccoli and cauliflower. There were some really good desserts too! It is always a treat to eat there ($25). Afterwards, we played some card games and watched a few episodes of Third Rock From the Sun.


This afternoon, I took C. and K. to the rapids around the 23 km part of the access road. We strolled around and sat by the river, listening to the raging waters. I put a short video on Instagram, but no video can do justice to how beautiful this place is!

It was a great weekend!


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