Waking Up Early and Setting Summer Goals

Feeling wonderful this morning.

I got up at 6:45 am and woke up to try the preview class for Patrick Beach’s Next Level Core. I just loved the flow! Several months ago, I would not have been strong enough to follow it. A year ago, if you had asked me to get up early twice a week for exercise, I would have laughed. I’ve also learned how you can get a concise and productive workout in a mere 12-minutes (perfect amount of time for sun salutations or a tricep-and-bicep workout on YouTube).

It’s funny how you can change your perspective and gain good habits with consistent, small goals. I was never a “morning person”; that phrase itself I now recognize as an excuse to push off something that I knew was good for me. Even though it was hard to drag myself up on so many of those mornings – there were many days where I rolled over and went back to bed – it’s gotten a lot easier over the past 8 months. Especially when I learned that yogi masters like Sharath Jois and David Robson get up at 3:30 am and 4 am, then 6:45 am becomes laughable.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 9.30.22 AM

And my summer vacation will be starting sooner than everyone else’s … I have been approved for an early departure to help out with my sister’s wedding. It will be an unpaid leave of three days, as well as the Jean-Baptiste holiday in Quebec.

Part of me is trying to figure out what my practice will look like during my vacation. I am so used to home practice now that I’m almost a little nervous about being in a yoga studio. I know that beginner’s classes will be too easy, I still refuse to give money to Bikram* studios and I prefer a good workout without heat so I know I am working myself and not being fooled by the temperature of the room. There’s lots of space at my mom’s house but it is all carpeted. I would like to continue early morning practice and/or evening practice. I know that if I do not make a plan, my practice will fall to shambles. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Learn Ashtanga: I’ve had a sampling here and there but I feel I need to start learning the Primary Series for real. There are six series in total, but that along is an achievement that’s too big! I’d like to take a Wednesday evening 4-class introduction to at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto (AYCT).
  2. Morning Practice: This will likely not be in the basement (too cold), on the patio (the patio furniture will be in the way) or on the driveway (I prefer not to have neighbours staring at me). I suppose I will have to annoyingly take up the kitchen as it is tiled or suck it up and get used to the grass.
  3. Keep logging my workouts: What has given me such consistency in my workouts is the social media aspect of Cody App. Yes, it does take up time when I’m microblogging my workouts and commenting on other people’s practice, but it’s become such an important community to me. It’s allowed me to reflect on my own practice, be supported and be given tips when I ask and allow me to guilt myself to getting on the mat when I’m away from it too long. Would I have practiced this much without the app? Heck no. Will I continue to use it for the rest of my life? Probably not? Or perhaps I’ll come and go once in a while? Whatever strategies I find that keep me working out is what I will stick with for now.

Those are my goals for now. Just three more days of classes and only 11 more days of work!

*He is involved in several cases of alleged sexual harassment and rape on other instructors.


5 thoughts on “Waking Up Early and Setting Summer Goals

      • I just hate carpet!! I need the grip from the mat … well I caved and bought a Liforme mat in the end, so maybe the extra grip will help me on the carpet.

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