Happy International Day of Yoga

Starting to pack before I hit the road early on Tuesday morning. Emotions have been up and down all day; I’ve been grumpy and feeling anxious as I prepare to leave for my summer vacation.

To celebrate International Day of Yoga, I watched a slew of videos on YogaGlo.com (my 15-day free trial is still running). I made some notes after viewing a handstand tutorial by Dice Iida-Klein, husband of Briohny Smyth, and worked on adducting my thighs; I realized I tend to open my hip (rather than squaring them), which reinforces the bad habit of flailing around, rather than kicking up with control through the core.

Also tried Badda Hasta Sirsasana B for the second time. I probably practiced this for more than a dozen times throughout the day. I also added a hand switch to tripod headstand and then chaturanaga dandasana at the end. Wow! I remember about 2 or 3 months ago, I was too afraid to even pick up my palms!

Happy about this small progress.

Too bad I wasn’t able to participate in #OMTO at the Distillery District.


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