I’ve only been back south for the past 6 days, and it’s been a whirlwind of activity. A few happenings:

  • Met two babies for the first time
  • Picked up a new card game, Gloom Fairytales
  • Been to the airport three times (separately)
  • Helped a friend with her headstand
  • Saw old high school buddies while nomming on dumplings
  • Hiked for three hours in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area in Ancaster, Ontario
  • Drove on the 407 (twice)
  • Listened to the new CBC program on Aboriginal youth, “New Fire”
  • Hanging out with friends – happy to have seen so many people in a few days!
  • Eating a variety of foods, including Italian pizza, Indian dahl makhani, Turkish imam biyaldi, Chinese dumplings, vegan BLT and Thai pad see mow

Things that have NOT been happening:

  • Getting consistentĀ sleep
  • Getting enough “introvert recharging time”
  • Eating breakfast regularly
  • TV-watching
  • Reading books
  • Doing myofascial release

Just three more days until my sister’s wedding


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