Craving and Other Ruminations

  • I am craving serious mat time, but currently sacrificing workout time for QT with family and friends.
  • Math classes at OISE are going well. I am actually an experienced teacher now. Wow. You’re reminded of this when 60% of the class are fresh grads.
  • I am way more opinionated than I realize. I give off the vibe that people should not mess with me. I naturally exude a strong power stance, hands on hips with elbows out in public settings; I’ve noticed that people don’t stand that close to me on the subway.
  • I seriously have undiagnosed IBS. Need to address this but don’t know where to go.
  • Have not been reading regularly, although I am reminded that I enjoy Toronto Life and Leah McLaren is a talented writer.
  • I love my cousins. They are just a great bunch of people with great values and energy. I enjoyed the time we had together. Who knows when we will have that again?
  • My little sister is awesome and I am so happy for her and her husband.
  • My grandmother is pretty fantastic. I will be sad when she leaves this world.
  • I can work out harder. I don’t push myself hard enough / consistently.
  • I need to drink more smoothies.
  • Should use my commute time to go back to learning languages as there are so many benefits to it.
  • I need to sleep earlier. I am bad at getting up early!

4 thoughts on “Craving and Other Ruminations

    • I still use Cody as my main motivator. I really like it and have found a lot of supportive people. It isn’t the motivation I need but just the time!

  1. Have you tried juicing? My son had GI issues for some time, and the hands down thing that helped was juice. Kale-cucumber-lemon-green apples. Ginger (juiced) helps a ton. He also lived on these Popsicles I made him from juices, so he was more or less a raw vegan for several months. I don’t know about Canada, but GI problems are horribly treated in the U.S. Lots of meds and no talk of curing. Good luck!!

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