Monthly Goals: Juggling July

Didn’t focus too much on goals this month. It was still insanely busy.

Active Living

  • Go caving and/or hiking (0/5): I was originally  Warsaw Caves with my old coworkers C. and S. I ended up cancelling and staying at home to rest and get some alone time.
  • Try a Pilates or Ashtanga yoga class (2/5): Purchased a Passport to Prana ($35) a bit late into the summer, but honestly, I didn’t have much free time as it is. The only problem is that so many places now are hot yoga, which I’m not particularly interested in. I ended up going to ONE place in Scarborough and had a great time!!


  • Meet up with friends (5/5): It was amazing how many people I saw!

Professional Development

  • Connect with OAME contacts (5/5): After the OAME eConference in April, the webmasters, R. and A., invited me to their home in Orangeville. I finally took them up on their offer and it was worth the drive out. We connected on a lot of levels and their passion of teaching was infectious! I left with several books in hand, renewed confidence as well as some manipulatives, including my very own set of algebra tiles! I also felt validated as a professional and know that I am an Ontario-certified teacher.
  • Kick butt at my Senior Math AQ (5/5): This was a blast. Made new friends and connections. It was only 12 days, I couldn’t believe it.
  • Math (2/5): This fell on the backburner. I really like the one that I see on Math Equals Love. I am in the midst of getting a composition notebook and starting to set up something for Sec 4 and Sec 5 Math courses. Spent a couple of hours mapping and going through some videos that explain how to set up INBs

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