Yaga in North Bay, Ontario

I usually don’t post unedited videos, but as I am doing my drive back to Waskaganish, I don’t want to spend too much time on the computer. Currently at a beautiful residence on Trout Lake, in North Bay, Ontario. This was officially my first experience with Air B&B!

The host, Yaga, was awesome. She’s a psychologist who works from her home. She’s a technophile too and she thought it was really neat when I showed her how Periscope – live-streaming via Twitter – worked. She has a strong presence, very maternal and caring. She has a Ph.D. and the rest of her kids are all nerds too. Most interestingly, her daughter actually researched and wrote a book on Couchsurfing!* When I mentioned that I was a CSer in my initial request, she took me up right away.

We connected really well. Yaga laughed at me when I left and said that I had “Couchsurfer habits” when I gave her some Quebec mushrooms and Inuit teas as parting gifts. “Only Couchsurfers tend to give presents.” She was so genuine and insightful. We had some very deep conversations about relationships; you can tell that she is very good at what she does.

Sadly, the next time I pass through, she will no longer be there … since I spoke with her yesterday, she is trying to sell her home of 20 years and is in the process of starting a healing centre in Costa Rica. Her services will be free – “all therapy should be free of charge” – and attendees will only have to pay for travel, lodging and food.

I told her that one day I will be there. I will.

Anyway, rather than babble on, please enjoy this unedited video (3:59) of me chilling on the dock in Yaga’s backyard and doing some inversions.

*She said that the current rumour is that interest in Couchsurfing is waning and Air B&B is absorbing new members. Maybe us young folks are finally deciding to spend our money?


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