Late Night Thoughts

Got back to Waskaganish on Saturday night.

Things have been good. I am happy to get back to the rhythm of my life here. Been prepping and planning the past few days, while also spending time reconnecting with J. Been catching up on lots of sleep the past four nights … well, except tonight. The reason being was that we had a nap earlier this evening and now I can’t sleep. Sigghhhhh.

Learning languages: I got tired of practicing languages just before I went to India in December 2014. Not sure if my brain wasn’t digging the Hindi, or if I was just craving something new. Either way, I’ve been on an 8-month hiatus from Pimsleur. I finally got back into it earlier this month. Worked on Mandarin units 21 and 22 both a couple of times; should be ready to start 23 next week. If I move at a decent pace, I might be able to get to 30 by the end of the year.

Workouts: My abs hurt. That’s a good thing. I had started in the summer during my math course, but didn’t have a chance to continue Patrick Beach’s Next Level Core. Only on Day 3, so I need to get back on the wagon and keep going with the plan. I’m also tempted to start Jacquelyn Umof’s Barre Sculpt, which I picked up on sale in July, but I know that I can’t put too much on my plate. The priority, therefore, is as follows:

  • Patrick Beach’s Next Level Core
  • Cardio via group fitness class at the Gathering Place
  • Weight-lifting using the StrongLifts 5×5 app
  • Jacquelyn Umof’s Barre Sculpt (if I finish the three priorities first)

Gut health: My mom and I flipped through some library books during the summer and we have concluded I do not have IBS. I should reduce the amount of processed food I eat though. Trying to get back into eating oatmeal daily during the work week. When I was living at my mom’s and working as a temp, I did it every day for about 2 years; it was a good routine and I’d like to go back to it.

Work: Been great to finally have my own classroom, after being in the science lab for the past two years! I also have a newer Smartboard, which I feel I deserve, considering I am one of the few teachers who actually use interactive lessons throughout the year (and not just as a projector to watch films). We also have some new teachers in; new blood is always refreshing. Met N. today, the new Grade 8 teacher. She said she’d be happy to teach me how to crochet! And perhaps, new gym buddy?


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