It is Friday 10 pm. I am tired, yet I am still working.

I know I haven’t been blogging much, nor have I been exercising regularly. There are a lot of things happening, which is exciting and also exhausting.

I am in the midst of setting up my classroom to start classes on Tuesday. I am trying to figure out how Class Messenger works despite being used to I started tweeting when I realized that math nerds like to converse and collaborate through the #MTBoS. I found out there is a thing called Twitter Math Camp (anyone wanna go to Minnesota next July?). Then I started a new blog after my Twitter handle and thought, why did I start a new blog?! I want MORE things to do?! No, I need it because I need a professional outlet and I don’t like using my personal blog, which I will not give up. I typed in most of my existing class list into and I am decorating my classroom, which always takes longer than usual (and is not something I naturally excel at). I am thinking about how I should be kayaking and then not kayaking. I need to clean the turtle tank as it’s been untouched over the summer. I need to do more yoga and still owe a couple of #StopDropandYoga tags to a few IGers.


There are so many things going on.

Presently, I am sitting in my underwear and wondering why I haven’t showered yet.

Guess it’s time to get to bed.

I am tired.


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