Monthly Goals – August

Professional Development
  • Explore PD Tools (5/5): This month, I started a Twitter for professional sharing, as I realized that a lot of math teachers collaborate and bounce ideas off each other using the hashtag #MTBoS (Math Blogosphere). I also played around with Periscope, which is live-streaming through Twitter. Installed a Chrome extension to make Twitter sharing a lot easier.
  • Work on Mandarin (5/5): Completed unit 21 and 22 of Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese. I’m going to try to do two units a month.
  • Start a new teaching blog (5/5): I’d been considering this for the past couple of years, and decided it was finally time to do it. I feel as if I’m starting to get into my grove at school and that I want to share my ideas (and give credit to where I find some of the ideas).


  • Long-range planning (3/5): Used Padlet to get a general idea of the year. Then use Planbook for day-to-day planning. So far going alright, but need to try to always have a week done ahead of time.
  • Explore School Tools (0/5): I meant to explore and play around with SketchUp, but totally forgot about it. Transfer to next months’ goals.
  • Take on new challenges (5/5): I will be the part of the school council as a substitute for the secondary English sector representative. I don’t know too much of the rules and regulations yet, so I figured this would be a good way to ease into a leadership role. I’ve also applied to do a workshop at the upcoming conference in Montreal but have not heard back whether my proposal has been accepted yet or not.

  • Go to the gym (2/5): The Interact machine is down and I’ve been to the Band Office a couple of times now, but the clerk is never there to take my money!!! I did sneak in to the gym once without paying, but eventually I will get a membership ($100/year). But hey, I started a yoga club at school on Sundays, so that gets me extra credit, right?
  • Try an Ashtanga class (2/5): The goal was to go twice before the end of summer. I managed to go once at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, but because my legs were so sore, I ended up only going once. I still have four of a 5-class pass, which I could use at Christmas.
  • Go kayaking (0/5): We have our kayaks but I feel that we’ve given up on this … it’s a lot of work to get the boats out and this year, we’ve just had no interest to do it.
Food and Health

  • Eat oatmeal for breakfast (1/5): Ehhhhhh, this didn’t happen for more than a week. Right now, I’m eating a granola by the Quebecois brand Fourmi Bionique, which is 70% organic, and I toss in blueberries and almond milk. It is a lot faster to make than oatmeal and what’s not to love if there are little chunks of white chocolate in it! I guess if I were to have rewritten the goal, I would have given myself a higher rating.
  • Eat probiotics regularly (4/5): As I have some mild gastro issues, J. bought me some Jamieson dry probiotics that I am taking for the next 30 days. I’ve missed a couple of days, but am doing pretty well and checking in on just to remind myself.

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