Toe Tap Tuesday

It was just a year ago that I started my first headstand.

It’s been such an amazing 12 months. I feel better about my body, I have a much deeper understanding of how my body works and I’ve had a lot of fun.

Sometimes it’s good not to set a goal. My only goal initially was to try to do a handstand and when I figured out that that was a high and lofty goal, I started working on headstands. A year later, I couldn’t have imagined myself to be leading a yoga club, doing arm balances on my teacher’s desk for fun or doing a barre sculpt class and loving the “butt burn”.

And I know I’ve progressed soooo much in 12 months. Last night, I found myself pleasantly surprised as I discovered I could do controlled toe taps and pop back up to crow, no problems.

I started my crow practice back in October and used to hate it. I was scared of faceplanting and falling over. I forced myself through the month of December to work on it and have found myself improving dramatically since the summer. And the main reasons are that my sense of proprioception is better and that I’m able to keep my core stabilized for longer periods of time.

That has also helped me recently start to gain a sense of balance in my handstands; in my single-knee tucks, it doesn’t last more than two or three seconds, but ahhhhHHHH!!! I am craving more, more, MORE!!!

As they say, we come to our mat not to do yoga, but to practice it.

I still have to work on my backbends and my strength work, but we always need room to grow. There is a lot of work to be done, a couple of lifetimes of work.

And I’ve got a good feeling about the upcoming year.


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