Staying in Bed and A New App


I can’t believe I have already taken my first sick day. Tuesday evening, I had an itch in my throat. It eventually escalated to a raspy voice and the flu. I took all of Friday off, despite the fact I just wanted to go through with my lesson plans. I knew it would be best that, just before a long weekend, I might as well remove myself if I am a contagious vector. A lot of people in town are sick already, so no need to spread more germs.

So I sat in bed and went through my Pocket articles. I often save articles to read later, but sometimes I forget them for a week, a month or more. After reading a good article from Cool Cat Teacher on planning the ideal week, I clicked around the blog and found a neat app called 30/30. Vicki Davis of CCT describes her morning routine which she puts into the app. A timer runs through each task – you assign the number of minutes per task – and you try to finish what you’re doing against the timer, before going on to the next one. The point of this is to keep you focused on your essential chores. As someone who gets distracted easily – does Tabless Thursday ring a bell? – I downloaded it on my iPad (free) and played around with it for half an hour.

Here’s the routine I came up with:


In total, I would actually need 40 minutes to do all this. That means I should be getting to school at 8:20 am. I’m still getting to know how the buttons work, how to undo actions or how to switch up the task order. If I’m in the ‘flow’, I don’t want to be clicking on the wrong buttons and panicking about which button I need to press. So I’ve made a short task list for getting ready for bed and will try it out on the weekend. Once I have the app down, I’d like to try it at school and see if it would work well for a morning school routine.

Efficiency doesn’t just happen, you need to work at it!


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