Things I Don’t Like to Think About: Auto Expenses

Soooo I know I have a bad habit of ignoring some aspects of my finances that I don’t want to address. And I need to get back into addressing them and thinking about them.


Just things that have to be done.

For one, I love my car. I love driving and I love being able to drive. Having lived in South Korea* and also a fly-in remote community**, I know now that being able to move around is just part of my identity. I like to be mobile and have the option to be mobile. I decided that I was going to be a car owner a few years ago and am happy that I have been leasing my 2009 Honda CRV.

Now cars cost money. And we don’t like to think about paying a lot of money, so I tend not to look at my receipt when I get it after the servicing. But I don’t want to be silly about my finances, so the best way to address it is to write about (after I’ve stashed the receipts somewhere for a couple of months where they gathered dust). Some recent expenses on the car:

  • April 2015: $1758 – Replaced my water pump ($580), rear brakes ($460) and pads ($95), brake fluid servicing ($128) and labour ($918)
  • June 2015: $145 – Storing my winter tires at Honda Val D’Or

Yeah, I was pretty pissed about how much I paid in April. But I don’t intend on putting myself in danger or starting a trend of braking like Fred Flintstone; pretty much wore down the pads on the brakes so much that everyone in my mom’s neighbourhood could hear when I was coming home (it was pretty atrocious). And I’m not a mechanic and these were non-negotiables. Sooo, it had to be done.

I’m whining a bit, but I’m thankful I can afford a car. I’m thankful that I can pay for these expenses and not have to worry about each paycheck.

So life is good and that is that.

I love my car.

*I felt like a happy dog going for a car ride on the rare occasion we knew someone with a car. Even taxis felt like a treat!

**I have so many bad stories and experiences in this community I now have a better understanding of how mental health issues develop in remote regions.


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