Jump Through

Have been getting trouble to sleep, so I thought I’d jot down a few notes:

  • Spinning: I’d been adverse to spinning, but since going to two 35-minute classes, it’s feeling a lot easier. There’s something to be said for trying out things that you don’t think you like!
  • Legs: I don’t walk a lot. I drive a lot to school every day. I’m glad I am spinning, but I’m also really enjoying the cardio barre class on Cody App. My legs and glutes are getting a lot stronger!
  • Udaya.com: I got a code to get me a free trial month, but I didn’t realize that the videos are all based off Vimeo and I don’t have enough bandwidth to even watch a 5-minute tutorial! Arghhhhhh!!! Internet here blows!!!
  • Core: I still need work. I know I have a decent foundation now, but there is always room for improvement. I was doing knee-to-tricep tonight and looking at the video playback, I see that my knee is a lot lower than I actually think it is. I believe I’m just lazy a lot of times; I might be working at 60%, but not necessarily gunning it up to 90% effort.
  • Jump Throughs: Was playing around with this. I feel as if I should be working on this regularly. This would pair off quite well with L-sits (engaging the quads to get straight lets) and engaging the core (being able to lift up to clear the floor).

Everything is interconnected!!!!


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