Why I Don’t Like TRX and a New Yoga Transition

Yesterday, I went to the crossfit class at the gym.

It’s not the crazy crossfit training that you might see on TV. Remember, I live in an isolated, small town of 2300 people, where diabetes, obesity and healthy issues are quite abundant, we just have a small gym with standard fitness classes. There’s nothing crazy or intense, because that would scare people away. The crossfit class was half TRX and half boot camp with different stations.

TRX isn’t my favourite. The major reason is that if you’re not properly positioned, you’re not doing the exercise right and an adjustment could be as simple as taking a step forward or leaning more into the handles. It’s also easy to slack off in it, take the load off, make the exercise far easier than it should be, for the same reason. There’s also far too much time and stress adjusting and worrying about your positioning while you’re racing against time to make sure you’re ready for the next set as the music is blasting and the instructor is shouting instructions. Still, I feel that I am performing TRX in a reasonable manner most of the time.

Also, back in October 2014, I hurt my back while trying to do a plank on the TRX. My palms were on the floor and my feet were in the handles; I hadn’t engaged my core, let loose and felt a crack in my spine. I stopped going to the gym and then started working on Mackenzie Miller’s backbend program on Cody for this very reason, but have decided since that I will not to repeat that mistake ever again nor will I put myself in the position for it to happen.

So while I did all the TRX exercises as instructed in class, all the plank work I did independent of the TRX. I did knee to tripod taps rather than froggers. I felt more in control, did my own variations of the side planks and just added more reps. I felt stable and knowledgeable enough to adjust my own expectations; I did it in a respectable manner that wouldn’t undermine a teacher’s authority, but still respected the intended goal of the exercises.

The boot camp was great too. It was just awesome to be there!

So feeling insanely pumped after class, I decided to do yoga and found that I could transition from elephant trunk pose to astavakrasana. I was successful on every try – I did not make attempts on my weak side – and it was great! I was pretty happy with this, although I noticed in the video playback that I still have my bad habit of not planting my left palm fully flat on the floor.

It just felt like such a natural transition to bring the extended leg to your side; dropping your chest happens quite naturally. I’m looking forward to adding on more transitions. Maybe I will work on getting out of astavakrasana into a crow or jump back!


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