Making the Most of Time

It’s been a pretty chilly end of summer in the north. We had overcast days every 4 out of 5 days. And this week, the sunflowers that J. had planted got hit by their first morning frost. Most of them are pretty droopy and sad-looking.

So when the sun was shining and the warm wind was blowing, we figured that this might be one of the last few warm weekends. Even though we hadn’t kayaked at all the past 6 weeks, I decided that I didn’t want another fall to pass with our boats collecting dust in the house.

I really, really, REALLY regret not having gone out last year; I still slap myself for that. I hadn’t touched the boats in nearly two years and to make myself consider how precious my boat was, I considered whether I would want to sell it altogether. I think that made me realize I needed to just do it. Sometimes imagining extreme situations help bring our expectations back to reality.

After doing my Sunday yoga club, having lunch, I hulled out the kayak racks, dragged the gear our and after an hour of wrangling the bolts and nuts, I managed to get it going.

The weather was gorgeous.

There was just a bit of sun – I did spray myself with a layer of sunscreen just to play it safe – and some strong gusts. J. went out into the middle while I played safely in the reeds where the wind wouldn’t catch me. We probably spent about 45 minutes on the water – I made it a point to leave my cellphone at home – and had a great time. It was a bit rough paddling back toward the beach, but I gauged my energy well so that I wouldn’t get tired trying to make it back to shore since the wind was blowing against us.

I have to say, it’s definitely a lot easier to kayak now that I’m working out regularly. Two years ago, I remember lactic acid building up in my shoulders pretty quickly. I’d huff and puff; paddle for a bit and then have to drop my shoulders for a break. Now that I am working out regularly, I’ve got good core strength, leg strength and shoulder strength, paddling for a while was a breeze! (Well, maybe not against the breeze).

Here’s a short clip of me paddling through the reeds. I’m glad I used the opportunity to get out there. At no point in the future will I ever think that I regret not marking papers more than kayaking on a beautiful day.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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