Monthly Goals: September

Funny thing, I didn’t write a lot of goals this month but as I reflect on what I did do, I added it to the list. It wasn’t too bad a month!

  • Squat and bench press (0/5): The other person who promised to be my partner has been sick and not been consistent with trying to make appointments with me. Sigh … will probably have to find a new partner.
  • Spin once a week (4/5): This worked out pretty well, except when two of the classes canceled, I still made sure I worked out during the same time.
  • Go kayaking (3/5): We haven’t gone kayaking in nearly two years. I finally made a huge deal about getting the car racks out and we went on the water last weekend, just to make the most of the warm fall days.
  • Good portion control (4/5): Thought I have been doing decently with serving appropriate portions. I’m not necessarily making small portions, just not overeating! I am working out much more regularly, so there’s no need to cut down the calories. I need them for all the fat I am burning breathing out. I’ve also noticed my waist also looks slightly slimmer, yay! Below is a picture of chana masala – yeah, it’s instant from a box – quinoa and sautéed swiss chard that my coworker gave me from her garden.
  • Continue investing in Sunday yoga club (3/5): I managed to get a couple of new people out, which is great! I think it’s pretty well-established who wants to come and who doesn’t. I use Facebook to set up announcements each week. I’ve also pushed the sessions to 10 am and 11 am back-to-back so that it’s more efficient. Also tried a prenatal yoga video for the first time; I’m learning a lot!


Professional Development
  • Work on Mandarin (0/5): Did not do unit 23 and 24 of Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese as I had intended. Fell on the back burner.
  • Apply for a workshop (5/5): I applied to do a workshop at the upcoming school board conference and got accepted! Woohoo!! I will have to start working on my presentation this weekend.
  • Get back into reading about finance (2/5): Signed up for a MoneySense subscription but got dinged with a $25 inactivity fee by Questrade. Baaaaad me.
  • Research a new credit card (1/5): I still haven’t decided whether I should keep my TD Visa Rewards Rebate, which isn’t quite so rewarding anymore. I’m still looking around … transfer this goal to next month.
  • Explore School Tools (0/5): I had downloaded the program SketchUp but didn’t get around to playing with it.
  • Blog about teaching (5/5): Maintaining another blog is a lot of work. I tried to make good posts that are worth reading. I would like to try to post at least once a week. Having the blog is good for keeping me accountable to trying new things though.
  • Connect through Twitter (3/5): Twitter is not really my cup of tea. I don’t check it all that much but it’s good for stimulating discussion and checking out good articles on #edtech.
  • Invest in new challenges (4/5): I am at heart an ambivert with more introvert tendencies and need my evening to myself. The past couple of years, I was not interested at all in helping out with the orientation trip – a one-week long trip where Grade 11s travel around the province to check out post-secondary campuses and programs – and I never intended to join. But since I’m only teaching Grade 10s and 11s this year, I feel I have a vested interest to see where the path beyond high school goes. It will be happening in the beginner of November and we will travel to Ottawa and Montreal.

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