Reflecting on My Practice

When I first came back to Waskaganish in August, I found myself very focused on work. I’d go three days without doing any yoga and would find myself crawling back to the mat because I felt like crap.

Photo 2015-10-03, 12 11 48 AM

So I made it a point that I’d try to work out more consistently.

The past month, I went to spin class every Wednesday. As well, I preloaded  Cody classes onto the iPad and got started as soon as I could after work or dinner the next day. The poor bandwidth means that I can’t just stream any video I want. Once I had a rhythm, I’d reduce time it took for me to get going.

How was this a change?

Well, there were days where I’d actually spend more time thinking about working out rather than doing it! Sometimes I’d make it to the mat or the gym; other times I wouldn’t and would still be sitting on the couch thinking and playing on my smartphone Whatever the outcome, I had wasted time. I don’t know why I was doing it – procrastination, I suppose – but in September, I’d successfully started working out more consistently. Even going to run the Sunday yoga club is a no brainer now; I am ready to get up at a decent time and when I come back home, I still have tons of time to enjoy my weekend without feeling like a sleepy blob on the couch!

Here’s a shot of all the days I’d exercised this past month:

Photo 2015-10-03, 12 11 43 AM

Now, I’m not the most focused person.

I don’t like making my own workouts. I like learning new things and having some novelty from day to day. Cody classes work well for me. I buy new plans once in a while – not a great deal of money when you realize that a single plan at $40 CAD would barely cover 3 drop-in classes in Toronto – or revisit old plans from last year. The visual and aural aspect of using videos keeps me focused. Hearing voices from a handful of familiar teachers keeps me interested, but I’m not all over the place.

In comparison, the idea of repeating same thing over and over again bores me to tears. The idea of drills makes me want to fall asleep. Which is why Cody is also actually not a great place for me to build better discipline and focus. I’ve come to realize this for a while now; discipline has to come from ourselves.

What I want can’t be achieved if I continue the complacency of following a few videos. There’s no way I can get to a lifted L-sit if I don’t work on pistols or build my quads. I will never be able to transition from eka pada koundinyasana to chinstand if I don’t continue working on my thoracic mobility. And of course, handstanding freely won’t happen if I don’t practice falling and working out that banana back of mine.

I know I haven’t been pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately. My focus the past month was to consistently workout and reduce the amount od time wasted; I also managed to diversify my workouts (i.e. spin, boot camp), as well as connect with other workout buddies.

Therefore, my goal for October and November will be discipline and drills. The boring stuff. Doing the same things over and over again (sorry Ashtangis, I don’t know how you do it). It’s the only way and I just gotta do it.

Guess I should go to bed now that it’s midnight! Will etch my plan out this weekend.


7 thoughts on “Reflecting on My Practice

  1. 😂 I know right? (Ashtanga) I didn’t think I could keep it up for more than a week, but it turns out it’s a lot like basketball for me. I guess I am a creature of habit.

  2. I actually love Ashtanga cause I didn’t want to follow videos anymore. I made it a challenge to memorize the poses, and it was fun to see me “get” a pose out of the blue! Believe it or not, once you push through a week or two, it seems more fun.

    I understand what you mean about discipline. I used to roll my mat out before I went to bed and changed into my yoga clothes, because that was an excuse I used to use. I know my schedule is limited with my kid, but I find that I’m using him as an excuse. Me trying out different videos is what also killed me, spending time finding one that didn’t take a lot of time.

    What I’m doing now is just Ashtanga weekdays, weekends play around with new stuff. Or Mondays HIIT, then Ashtanga for the rest of the week.

    BTW, where did you get that calendar app?

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