New Cody Plan: Beginner Strength

Finally made it to the gym!

J. and I had tried to go on Sunday but found the doors locked. I started the Workout A in Krissy Cagney’s Beginner Strength plan, which focused on back squats, dead lifts and bench press. As I had mentioned before, I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and develop a more rounded fitness regime. The focus for the next two months is drills and strength development.

You can check out the initial vides on my Instagram account; I’m definitely all ears right now, trying to figure out what I’m doing correctly and what I’m not. So far, a few pieces of constructive criticism:

  • Back squats: Need to turn my feet out more, approximately 30-40 degrees; partial squats will actually increase likelihood of injury to the knees; deep squats work hamstrings and glutes as well, versus partial squats
  • Dead lifts: Lift chest up to contract lats, which take off the load from the spine; start an inch away from the bar and bend knees more; use bumper plates if available (they are not!) so that you’re not bending down at different heights

Anyway, lots to learn. I didn’t post up my video of my bench press yet. I know I will have a lot of information coming at me and can only take in so much for now.

Homework for this week? Read the rest of the tips on the site.


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