New Gym Bag and Tiger Tail

After a week in Montreal, J. and I finally started going back to the gym!

I was happy to buy a new Under Armour gym bag ($45) as my old Deuter knapsack was not cutting it. It was starting to become a pain to pack and unpack it as it was too small. I always thought gym bags were stupid until I realized the issues around using a backpack. It’s much easier to pull stuff in and out, as I have a lot more props now!

Not only did I buy a new bag, but I got a Tiger Tail ($35) too. To be honest, it was a bit of an impulse buy, but I first saw this mentioned on the Hybrid Perspective blog in the RAMP program*. As I have been learning a lot about myofascial release the last year, I felt it was fitting to help me transition to doing more myo on my own.

If you’re curious how a Tiger Tail is used, here I am using it – via fast motion – on the calves, quads and inner thighs.

Wrist Preparation:
I am trying to get back to doing my wrist prep that I learned from Gold Medal Bodies. Earlier in the spring, I was averaging about 3-4 times/week and began pushing it off. If I am to do any handstand or L-sit work, I need the wrist prep as a lot of exercises are quite hard on them. I definitely noticed this when I was doing some bent-knee L-sit holds. It’s good when you realize the benefits of preparation work; we often forget the reason why we do the exercises.

Weight: I don’t care too much about my weight, other than the fact that it should be fairly stable throughout the year. Below is a snapshot of the tracking over the past year. A few things to note, I didn’t bring my FitBit Aria scale back to Toronto over the summer, hence the flat line in July. Also, there’s a weird glitch in the middle of May, which I’m ignoring. Otherwise, it seems that my weight has been fairly stable and I actually think that the slight weight increase is actually due to more consistent muscle tone.

No other news to report!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.13.36 PM

*R=range of motion, A=activation, M.P=movement preparation


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