Catching Up: Back to Weightlifting

It’s been an odd week. It started off well but some bad habits caved in towards the end of the work week. I rested most of Saturday and then worked out crazy like Sunday. Thought I’d write a few health updates:

  • Extra calories: I ate poorly Thursday and Friday. I suppose it’s not unusual at the end of the work week; J. and I had gone to the local restaurant twice. Unfortunately, there really are no good options for vegetarians, so I end up chowing down on fries and/or grilled cheese. Occasionally there’s vegetable soup. The main reason we go out is to get a break from the norm and socialize with others. We don’t go to make ourselves eat crappy food; we go for a mental break.
  • Cardio: I am on the verge of finishing a 26-day barre plan on Cody. It’s been great for my legs and butt. On average, I’ve been doing it twice a week. But when I’m done, what do I replace it with?Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.08.07 PM
  • Meditation: Officially I’ve completed three weeks. I’ve extended the sessions from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. It has been a struggle to adjust to a longer session, but without a challenge, there can be no progress. Honestly though, I’m doing a lot better than I judge myself for.
  • Weightlifting: I flopped on this one and had been cold for 4 weeks. It didn’t help that I had been in Montreal for a week. Today, I finally went back to the squat rack and revisited my Cody plan, Beginner Strength. It felt really good. Part of my mental block with weightlifting is that I worry about perfect form. Maybe I read too much about potential injuries, but I finally bit the bullet and thought, Just do it and the rest will come. My back squat and deadlift were great, but I know my bench press needs work. That’s okay! Also, I’m realizing I really, really, really like deadlifts because my hamstrings are in awesome shape with all the yoga. Weightlifting will definitely be a part of my regular repertoire in the upcoming months.

So while I’ve decided that squatting will be happening regularly, I haven’t quite decided what else my next steps are. Should I try more Pilates to work my pelvic floor more? I’ve sworn off buying any more Cody plans but I have 4-5 plans that are untouched and just ready to go. Or do handstand practice? Work on backbends?

For now, just digesting before I commit to my next steps. Here’s some good reading (the first two were shared by a friend):


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