Progressing Through Lifting

Lifting has been going well.

Having a reliable workout buddy has probably made the single difference; K. and I now meet regularly twice a week. She’s committed to lifting and despite my suggestions to deviate, has kept me on track and focused to practicing “The Big Four*”. The support that we give each other means a lot; she does her research and it helps that we can have a conversation with each other about where we’re going. I know I would not have progressed as far if it weren’t for her!

As I’m finishing up the Krissy Cagney’s Beginner Strength plan, I purchased an add-on bundle ($40) for the reminder of her plans, Strength Builder I, Strength Builder II and Strength Builder III. While I haven’t looked at them all in depth, my overall goal is to get through all three plans in the next 12 months.

Honestly, I never thought I would be lifting.

A few months ago, it wasn’t a goal of mine. I had seen videos of #girlswholift and thought that this was a world away. It fascinated me but it didn’t particularly interest me at all … until I started participating myself. It is now becoming obvious how these workouts support and connect with flexibility, mobility and strength in other aspects of my personal fitness.

Considering that I have no background in lifting, I feel that things are progressing well. While the two of us have been fumbling with weights and how much to plate, in the last week, both K. and I are starting to figure out our baselines. We also finished our workout on Friday night in a record 55 minutes!**


Here’s a video of my first overhead press just a couple of weeks ago:

It wasn’t easy the first time and I remember struggling with it initially. I did this on my own one day because K. was not feeling well. I felt slightly embarrassed that I was only using a barbell and could not put any plates on it.

After I posted it on social media, several friends – to my surprise – applauded me. One friend, J., who is a personal trainer, reminded me that it isn’t “just” a barbell; an Olympic-style barbell is 20 kg, or 45 pounds! Not everyone can use it as their starting point. To reinforce this point, an old high school classmate, H., told me he actually started with a 25 pound bar his first time. Our local fitness instructor also said that I am doing well; the only criticism he had was that I needed to draw my head back for the barbell to clear straight up and down.

Alright, so I’m not doing so badly!

Just four more workouts before moving on!

*Back squat, bench press, deadlifts and overhead press.

**Normally, we putter around for a bit over an hour. Becoming more efficient means that we are better habituated to both setting up and executing the movements. 


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