TEDx Talk – The Person You Really Need to Marry

It’s not unusual to feel some loneliness during the holidays, even while being surrounded by lots of people. You may be reminded of people who have passed away or friends that are no longer part of your life. There are a lot of expectations to be happy and sociable during this time of year and it’s not necessarily natural to wear a smile every single day at all hours of the day.

Naturally, being an introvert / ambivert, I was doing pretty well hanging out with people the past couple of days, but was begging for some solo recharge time tonight. So I took a super long nap, had a homecooked meal that my mom made and wandered the bookstore for an hour.

And you know what?

It was great! I had such a fun time wandering the aisles and checking out everything. It was the perfect evening for me.

Having said that, I won’t comment too much about this TEDx Talk, except that I’m pretty committed to the person that I am going to marry have already married.


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