Annual Goals 2015

When I look back at my annual goals, I laugh. It’s funny how easily they can change within a couple of months. A year ago, you can have no clue what you’d like to work on. Since my written goals were rather off, I’ll write a description rather than hitting point by point as I usually do.
  • Health: Initially, I wanted to make some gains in my splits and handstands. Instead, I ended up working on weightlifting and barre instead. I’m happy I made the switch; I didn’t have any strong interest in either of these training methods, but my overall strength has increased and I see the benefits of having a structured program as well as a gym buddy to keep me on track. I also intended to kayak and ski more often, but I ended up only kayaking once this fall, sadly. I also only skiied once!
  • Financial: I generally stuck to the goal of not spending too much workout gear as I had already dropped a lot of money last year on yoga leggings. I didn`t end up doing any active stock trading, nor did I write a will yet.
  • Vehicle: I didn’t learn how to change oil. Erghhhh. I occasionally listen to NPR’s Car Talk, but in general still have no idea what they’re ever talking about.
  • Professional Development: Learning languages, especially Mandarin is still on my list of goals. I started learning languages more intensively two years ago, through Pimsleur Digital courses. While I`ve only been intermittently working on Mandarin, I`m glad I`m still keeping it up. Being up north, I`ve found it easier to squeeze in more time for reading at least 15 books a year.
  • Teaching: In terms of educational technology, I got to try out Classcraft, Class Messenger, Tellagami, Sesame Snap and Geogebra this year. I didn`t document as many of my classroom progress through Pinterest, but I did start a teaching blog.

Not particularly the strongest defined goals, but I will work on 2016 a bit better.


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